Every day people are looking for a senior care community that they can trust.

So, how do they find your community? How do you stand out among the others? Once they do find you what will make them want to call you?

Did you know that small businesses, like your senior living community, see more benefits from using social media than large businesses? Success within social media marketing is determined by how much engagement you have, rather than the number of followers you. While having followers does help, having a small number of followers does not prevent you from being successful.

Senior care communities can be more community-focused, which means it’s easier for your residency to be authentic, real, and personal. This will allow you to connect and engage with people within your local community. People use social media as a place to ask for advice when they are looking for something. From the latest place to eat tomorrow night, to the best place for my loved one. If your community has an active voice online and in the community, you will be a part of these conversations.

How can my senior living community advertise? Does social media marketing even work?

There are 3.2 billion worldwide social media users. With the endless possibilities of social media, it’s the most useful tool available to your senior care community. Senior care communities that have a solid social media strategy in the works are witnessing the power it possesses, namely an increased census. It’s never been easier to connect with influencers and parent children and build an online reputation.

As a small local facility, you can begin to foster connections with local individuals in the community using social media. Social media is great for small businesses like assisted living residencies because social posts get shown to a high number of local users. It can be designed as a platform for self-promotion and allows you to reach and connect with influencers and parent children.

Not only is social media marketing the absolute best way to reach your community and improve relations through engagement, but it is also the most useful tool senior care providers can use to ease the fear that many influencers and parent children face, placing their loved one in a senior community.

Influencers and future resident members can get a look at your community culture and the wonderful experience that they will have in your residency. This can all be done right on your social media pages. Successful senior care social media marketing has the potential to make your future residents, influencers and parent children feel at ease and welcome before they even step foot into your community.

Sharing fun, lighthearted engaging content you let influencers know they are placing their loved one in good hands. Not to mention that you can use social media marketing as a way to entertain the residents.

What does Senior Care Social do to help senior care facilities?

 When social media started to gain more attention, Senior Care Social, noticed that this was going to affect business. Social media marketing was going to be a whole new element to helping make a business successful.

We became hypervigilant on becoming a master to the new capabilities of social media marketing for senior care and assisted living communities. We wanted to create a service that would be just as effective as hiring a social media specialist, but not demand everything from senior care professionals. So we created a service that is easy enough for you to do in your facility with the professional touch of a social media specialist that does not require you to break the piggy bank.

Senior Care Social has mastered years of professional wisdom and industry knowledge into an offerable social media service that is perfect for senior care communities. We want to help senior care communities dominate a social media presence online in your local community. By sharing resident and team experiences, using organic online word of the mouth, and tailoring our method to fit your team objectives. Senior Care Social will help your residency outperform your local competitors and achieve victory in your goals.

Our service will cross social media marketing completely off of your to-do list. We do everything from posting new photos to engaging with users online and responding to comments; all this is handled by your social media manager. Your manager is a trained expert on how senior care communities (like yours!) can use social media to increase your community census. But, their knowledge is deeper than responding to comments.

Your marketing expert will help you with what to post on your social care Facebook page to get attention, how to make Instagram and other social media domains draw engagement and followers. We will strategize, gameplan, and report on your social media efforts, allowing you to focus your time and effort on your community and residents.

Be assured that your social media manager is sharing photos( and videos?) that will create engagement, carrying out your plan for Facebook and Instagram. They will also advertise your community by promoting posts on your page to reach more people in the community. Our service allows you to build an amazing online presence, whether it’s a busy day or a slow day. You can participate as little or as much as you would like.

Frequent questions like “What should I post on my Facebook page today?” or “ How can senior care professionals use social media?” allow Senior Care Social to develop the creative post ideas and marketing plan for you. Then, you can stick to doing what you love: caring for your residents. When potential influencers or a resident’s child checks out your community on social media, they will see the creative, friendly, and caring environment you have created.

The materials we send you are intentionally designed to celebrate your residents, introduce new team members, and show off your community culture. Everything that comes in your social media box is directed towards building relationships and trust with residents.

We understand, being a senior care professional is hard and hard work. We understand that your marketing efforts need to increase your census, that’s why we are here to help. Senior Care Professionals have found it very easy to work with Senior Care Social.

What happens when I request a demo from Senior Care Social?

When you fill out a contact form or a demo request on our website, a senior care marketing expert will reach out to you. They will contact you via email and phone number within two business days. Fear not, your private information is kept secure, we never share any data with third parties.

The purpose of a demo with a Senior Care Social marketing expert is to go over your marketing goals and how we can help your business achieve them. We will analyze your senior community to find weak areas that we will help improve. Senior Care Social will then tailor a personalized senior living marketing strategy based on your member’s needs, staff personality, location, and facility size.

We want to know everything about your local community to create the best course of action for you.

Chat with us to get set up with your senior care community needs. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Request a demo of our Senior Care Social Media service!

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