Senior Care Community Websites – The Top 5 Things You Need To Have A Fantastic Website

Your senior care website is a major part of your online presence and marketing endeavors. 

Here’s how you can ensure your senior care community website makes the right impression and gets the attention of new residents in your area.

For senior care communities today, a website is just as important to your marketing efforts as your physical resident community buildings. With families of seniors and seniors themselves doing more research online than ever, you need a website that represents your team, the quality of your care, and what makes you stand out from other senior communities.

If your website is difficult to navigate, outdated or slow, potential residents will see your community as outdated as well. Your online presence is a direct representation of your senior living community.

Having a clean, mobile-friendly website will show potential residents that you put thought into every interaction people have with you. A great senior care website will build trust with potential residents and their families before they even give you a call.

Your senior care website is a major part of your digital marketing and online reputation. It is one of the most useful tools you have to attract and educate the residents that will make your senior care community thrive.

Senior Care Social understands how crucial a fabulous senior care website is to the success of your community, which is why we have broken down the top 5 most important things to have on your website.

5 Senior Care Marketing Essentials for Your Website

#1 Ensure Your Website Design is Mobile-Friendly

Your future residents and their families will use search engines like Google to find your website, and they will use a variety of different devices to do so. From smartphones to tablets to desktop computers, you’ll want to ensure that your website looks fantastic no matter what device a user is searching from.

Keep in mind that these days over half of all Internet searches are coming from mobile devices. You’ll want to ensure that your mobile visitors can easily navigate through your pages and find the information they are looking for. 

Website design is fundamental to professional and trustworthy marketing. Your website is often your first impression and you’ll want to make a good one.

Of all of the elements mentioned in this post, this is where it’s most worth hiring some professional help. Unless you’re both a community manager and a professional website expert, don’t waste your time trying to beat a free website template into something that will run well.

Invest in a custom-designed professional dental website that showcases your community, it is guaranteed to improve your marketing endeavors.

#2 Showcase Your Personal Side

Think nobody’s going to look at your “About Us” page? Think again! The About page is typically one of the most-visited parts of a website. Your potential residents want to get to know the people they will interact with every day. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to build trust and share what makes your community unique. 

Your About page is an ideal way to introduce potential residents to your staff and community culture. Having an individual photo and short bio for each staff member creates connections with potential residents — before they ever call or visit you! Update the bios on your website frequently, especially when there are staff changes. 

The fact is people do business with people they know. In senior care, where relationships are especially important, a strategic personal online presence offers your community an opportunity to connect with residents on a meaningful level.

#3 New Content Consistency

What do we mean by “consistency” on your senior care website? Essentially, it’s making frequent efforts to connect with your audience by posting high-quality content, like blog posts, and responding to comments.

When you present consistent valuable and informative content on your website, potential residents will see your community as reliable and helpful. Potential residents make assumptions about you and the experience they will have with you based on the kind of online experience you give them. If your website content is consistent, human, and relatable, people assume you provide that kind of experience in everything that you do.

#4 Social Proof

“Social proof” includes what others are saying about your practice online. Having great online reviews has an enormous influence on your reputation. What others say about you solidifies trust and inspires trust in prospective new patients. This is why the best senior care websites provide plenty of social proof on their pages.

One of the easiest ways to provide social proof is to feature positive resident reviews on your website. We suggest highlighting positive reviews from Facebook and Google, as these are trusted platforms.

#5 Calls to Action

What action do you want people to take when they visit your website? Do you want them to call, or book a tour? Give your website visitors a clear path to take an action on your site. For example, ensure there are “Request More Information” or “Schedule A Time To Visit” buttons on your web pages that lead visitors to fill out a form or send you a message. When you make it easy for people to contact you using strong calls to action, you turn website visitors into lifelong residents.

Senior care marketing and website management can feel overwhelming to anyone. That’s where My Social Practice steps in, let’s chat.

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