According to the U.S Census Bureau seniors are anticipated to take up over 20% of the population by 2030. That means that over 80 million senior citizens will be living in the United States. Seniors are more educated on digital and social media than ever before. Many seniors are planning for their futures and doing research to find the right retirement community for when the time comes. In addition, the children of baby boomers are using the Internet to find retirement situation for their parents. In fact, more children of seniors are using the Internet to find senior care than ever before.

68% of baby boomers are using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Seniors are online. Children doing research for their senior parents are online. Are you online?

One of the most important decisions seniors make is choosing which senior living community.

Every senior care community has a website. Being visible and active online means more than simply having a senior care website up and running. Your community needs to be engaged with your local area to effectively market your community online.

If you want to market your community online, you’ll need to make it easy for boomers and their children to find and interact with you online. All of your senior care marketing efforts should be directed toward reaching the right people, building connections of trust, and solidifying an awesome reputation. Those looking for a senior care community want reliable proof that your community will take care of them or their parent. Digital marketing is the perfect place to show off your expertise, build relationships, and ultimately welcome new residents.

Social media marketing makes it easy for potential residents to find your community and get to know before they ever even give you a call.

There is a social media marketing plan that fits your unique community. Although, there are a few must-have marketing essentials for every senior care community

  1. Social Media Pages – Not only is social media marketing the absolute best way to reach your community and improve relations through engagement, but it is also the most useful tool senior care providers can use to reach new people.
  2. Online Reviews – The importance of positive reviews in senior living marketing can’t be emphasized enough. More and more people are turning to Google and Facebook to find the best-rated businesses in their area. Having great online reviews play a large part in which senior living community your potential residents decide to call.
  3. Website – For senior care communities today, a website is one of the most important aspects of your marketing efforts. With just a glance, today’s users get to know your community and make assumptions about the quality of care based on your website.
  4. Blog – The blog on your website not only provides information about your community but also helps your site rank on Google with related keywords and phrases.

Social Media Pages

Your senior living community’s online presence is crucial to attracting new residents and building trust with people in your area. Digital marketing for senior care is becoming more and more valuable. If you aren’t sure what kind of role senior living social media and digital marketing will play for your community, it’s time to get clear on what to do next.

Senior Care Social is a senior living marketing company that concentrates on helping senior care communities reach new people, build strong connections with current and future residents (and their children!), and maintain an influential reputation in their area.

As resident expectations have evolved, so do your marketing strategies. Your senior care community needs a well-rounded, engaging, fun online presence in order to attract and build trust with potential residents. Social media marketing for senior care is the future of building a successful community.

Every element of your marketing strategy should be tailored toward growing your community by being reliable online and sharing authentic and relatable content.

Social media marketing and digital media have become slightly more complex over the past few years. With the volume of content out there, it makes it harder than ever to get through to potential new residents online. Your community needs a strategy that will cut through the noise and attract the attention of those who will help your community grow.

The biggest question we get is “How do you market a senior living community?” and “How do I get clients for my assisted living center?

The marketing experts at Senior Care Social make it easy to post social media content that is optimized for visibility, and then boost that content to more of your ideal potential residents.

Effective digital marketing requires high-quality content that connects and engaging residents and family members. Getting new senior care residents means showing who you are and exactly what residents can expect from your community. Utilizing social media marketing allows you to gain the respect and attention of potential residents before they take one step through your door.

With how hectic things can get in your community, it can be impossible for some to keep up with marketing. It takes time to strategize the right kind of senior care marketing ideas you’ll need to get the attention of new residents.

Word of mouth marketing is happening online, which is why senior care communities need to be there.

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