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Senior Care “Life Events” Photo Sign Pack!

Download and print these FREE signs and take photos for social media in your Senior Care community!

It’s no secret that being active in the digital space where seniors and their families spend time is crucial to your success. Seniors and their children will notice when what you post on social media reflects how much you care personally about your residents and their families.

Personal social media content builds your brand, strengthens relationships, and makes people more likely to give you a call. Creative social media posts make you stand out from the competition! Share “Life Events“ and easily create shareable social media content that does all of these things with this free pack of ideas!

If you are wondering how to make your senior living social media marketing more effective, this is the perfect place to start!

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Here’s how to use these photo signs:

Download and print the signs

Submit the form and download the PDF files that are attached. You can print these signs on any standard printer.

Take photos with your residents and post them on social media

Celebrate life events with your seniors by having them old the sign and taking a photo! Post the photos on social media to share what’s happening in your community.

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